Little Mumma Yoga

"To Nurture The Nurturer"

“Just enrolled for another 8 week block of pregnancy yoga in the lovely little Palmyra home studio after completing a block already! After a few weeks break i can’t wait to get back into the relaxing weekly class which i leave feeling lighter and more positive every time even on the tough days! Chrissy makes these classes unique with the small student number, gentle flow and environment, calming music and especially by making you feel that little bit spoilt and special with her mini essential oil facial massage at the end. Thanks for the love :)”

Heidi Coakley

Little mumma yoga is amazing it helped me so much just to get the relieve I needed. Chrissy is an amazing instructor and is always there for you if there is something you can’t quite do she will modify the move for you.
Also not to mention the friendships you make in 8 weeks words can not explain how much this class helped me.

Kiara Newby

I was intent on sustaining my yoga practice and remaining as active as possible throughout my pregnancy. Chrissy’s classes helped me achieve this especially later in my pregnancy when my usual yoga practice (and other forms of exercise) had become too intense for my body. Chrissy’s classes provided me with an opportunity to unwind, relax and focus on bub. I look forward to returning to Chrissy’s ‘Mum and Bubs’ classes in the coming months. Thanks Chrissy for your support and care. x

Rachael Pearse

Chrissy’s prenatal yoga classes are gorgeous! A place where mums-to-be can feel relaxed, cared for, comfortable and nurtured. Perfect for beginners and those with some yoga experience, and tailored to individual needs as the pregnancy progresses. Highly recommended! Thanks Chrissy!

Leila Reay

Chrissy’s mums and bubs class is great… A relaxed and positive environment, a good sequence of yoga postures and bubs can be incorporated if they get tetchy. There are plenty of options to cater for different fitness and experience levels. The hour goes by very quick! The offer to make up a missed class is awesome too. Give it a go!

Adrianne Mencshelyi